Technology is transforming every aspect of the way we live. Perhaps no area is more important or more profound than the innovations we are seeing in healthcare. As the industry looks to leverage technology to increase access to information, drive better patient outcomes and unlock mysteries hidden in plain sight, it is facing the enormous challenges of privacy and security that are perhaps more worrisome in healthcare than in any other industry.

1) Smartphones, apps, and wearables are empowering patients, doctors, and caregivers.

2) Big Data will uncover patterns, problems, and opportunities in healthcare.

3) Cloud computing will unlock the valuable insights that live in healthcare data.

4) Security risks must be taken seriously.

5) Computing power and energy efficiency will be star players behind the scenes of healthcare.

6) 3D Printing will spur a new wave of growth and innovation in healthcare.

7) Telemedicine will expand healthcare into our homes and beyond.

8) Global health will improve with the expansion of technology to developing countries.

9) Technology will help us understand the brain.

10) Innovation will unlock business opportunities.

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