smoothiesEveryone has a remedy they swear works for them, from chewing garlic, to rubbing a lemon on your armpit, to drinking more (a.k.a. the hair of the dog). Though there’s no cure-all medicine yet for hangovers, there are plenty of ways you can assuage the booze-infused assault that comes after a night of heavy drinking. The Las Vegas-based doctor started his career as an anesthesiologist, but has since become a hangover specialist, founding the medical clinic Hangover Heaven.

The clinic, which has treated nearly 25,000 patients, has developed numerous methods, such as vitamin supplements and IV treatments, to combat alcohol-induced headaches and nausea.

“[Inflammation] is where a lot of the headache and nausea and vomiting come from,” Dr. Burke explains. “The whole thing about dehydration is folklore…[it] makes the symptoms worse, but it’s not the sole cause of what’s going on.”

A wine aficionado himself, Dr. Burke shared numerous ways you can treat hangovers yourself. Before you knock that drink back, you should know what’s most likely to cause the biggest hangover. Congratulations, champagne — you’re the worst.

“It undergoes two fermentations, and it actually contains a hangover causing substance called acetaldehyde,” Dr. Burke says. “Basically, alcohol gets turned into acetaldehyde and [that’s] what causes a lot of the hangover issues. With champagne, you’re already ingesting it from the get go.”

Second to bubbly are dark liquors like whiskey and bourbon, because they have numerous impurities. They have volatile organic compounds — similar to the headache-inducing smells of products like Sharpies or crazy glue.

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