Most people have horrible sleep fitness, so to speak. They waste time falling asleep, then they spend hours tossing and turning in a light sleep state that doesn’t have the same body and brain-boosting benefits of deep and REM sleep. So how do you improve the quality of your sleep? The trick is to upgrade your food by following the anti-inflammatory eating guidelines of the Bulletproof Diet, then track your own sleep quality over time to learn which sleep hacks are most effective for you one at a time.

These are the most effective diet hacks designed to get you into a deeper sleep faster.

1. Fill up with fat at dinner

2. Fuel with low-mercury krill or fish oil

3. Prime your body with protein

4. Try raw honey before bed

5. Don’t drink coffee past the afternoon

Beyond Food: Lower Your Stress For Better Sleep
5 Ways to Hack Your Diet for Better Sleep|Dave Asprey

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